About your funeral specialist


“Over the years I have seen many, many ceremonies conducted by civil celebrants, but none as touching as the ceremony I attended recently (15.08.14). You could tell this was no copy book service - every word was carefully chosen, a beautiful story was told. Lisa is a true professional in her field with an added warmth and genuineness as well.” - DORIS ZAGDANSKI ( National Manager Invocare, Author, Grief & Loss Specialist )




What's Special About Exclusive Funerals


There are no second chances with funerals. Creating a beautiful funeral service takes time and attention to detail to best capture your precious memories. 


As most families who have arranged a funeral will know, it can be a very comprehensive process to prepare for the ceremony and consider all the possibilities. As a consumer you have the right to choose which style and type of officiant you'd prefer. No two celebrants work the same way so it's good to know you have a choice. 


Most funeral celebrants work as independent contractors for funeral homes. We work together to make things as easy as possible for families. The most widely used business model for many established funeral celebrants in Brisbane relies on volume. This sometimes means funeral celebrants can be attending to as many as 10 funerals per week. The average would be somewhere between 3 - 6 per week. I commit to no more than 2 families in one week.  


The birth of Exclusive Funerals developed after a funeral director told me she viewed my ceremonies as "exclusive" due to their highly personalised, creative content and the follow-up care I am qualified to offer families. The time and skill set required to deliver this level of service means you receive made-to-measure, meaningful ceremonies and multiple meetings as required after the funeral.  


My name is Lisa Grosskopf, and in the last 10 years I have had the privilege of caring for over 1000 grieving families.


Each family is different and all funeral and memorial services I write and deliver reflect this. I come with no preconceived agenda, so whether you choose non-religious, religious or spiritual content I tailor each service to best reflect your loved one ensuring any wishes are respected and the stories delivered with dignity and professionalism. I present all services calmly and in a way that is not morbid, irrespective of the circumstances.


Every family who has lost their loved one deserves the best possible care without exception but there are some circumstances that benefit from an experienced and mulit-skilled officiant. There are many different situations which impact on the creation of a personalised ceremony. These include the nature of the death; families who have specific requests and expectations; or families that need extra time and nurturing.


My unique skill set enables me to deliver a high quality service to all families.



Credentials & memberships


  • Accredited Lifeline Telephone Counsellor

  • Certified Clinical Pastoral Carer at PA Hospital, Brisbane

  • Member of the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement

  • Former Associate Lecturer in Performing Arts at Central Queensland University and guest lecturer at QUT, Kelvin Grove

  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment

  • Master Trainer for Dementia Live™, Compassionate Touch® and Flashback™ 

  • Member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants.

  • Diploma of Counselling (ongoing) 



Community Care


I currently work in a voluntary capacity as an Ecumenical ( non-denominational ) Pastoral Carer at the PA Hospital, offering holistic care to medical staff, patients and their families. I endeavour to bring a loving, listening presence to anyone needing to speak about their physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs. These skills are used in my role as a funeral specialist as I offer pre or post care visits to families who have, or will lose their loved one.


Education and Seminars


If you are looking for an interactive presentation on the topic of grief and bereavement for your organisation or community group please don't hesitate to call. Bereavement Support Groups are also conducted in the Brisbane area for various companies who offer community support programs. Educational sessions are tailored to suit the needs of the group.  



Other Testimonials



Call me a funeral critique if you will, but I am often not impressed with funeral services. I often find myself thinking, ‘Is that it?’ I wonder whether the people who organised it could have taken a bit more time to serve more justice upon the life and contributions of the deceased. Sometimes services can feel really formulaic …  as if they have set up little compartments, gone through a checklist, ticked all the boxes, blah, blah, blah, curtain closed, “Next!” Lisa Grosskopf could never be accused of such coldness, because the beautiful warmth of her bright personality shines through every facet of her work.


I had the joy of seeing Lisa’s work at my neighbour’s funeral service, and she melted my heart. I remember thinking, “Wow! This women is amazing!” So when my Mum passed away, I immediately requested her services. Aside from her incredible experience and professionalism, Lisa’s greatest gift to the families she serves is the delivery of her ‘product’. Her articulate manner, the fluency of her tone, the gentle way Lisa ‘spoke’ rather than ‘read’ the eulogy, and of course the big-smiles during the humorous parts, all add up to a service that is warm, loving, kind, gentle, funny, dignified, honourable, respectful.


I honestly think that Lisa is not just doing a job as a celebrant, I think that she is answering her calling to help bereaved families with their loss. It is such a surreal moment when you realise that this is really happening, and Mum really is gone; yet even as she was delivering her eulogy, Lisa still managed to send warm, comforting smiles our way to reassure us. Many times during our Mum’s service Lisa demonstrated that she was consciously multi-tasking; simultaneously delivering the eulogy, listening to ensure the music was played correctly, monitoring the audience, and repeatedly checking on how my family members were coping.


I wasn’t asked to write this testimonial, I gave it to Lisa as an unexpected gift of gratitude. I’m not young, and gratuitous compliments are rarely earned from me, but I am compelled to say without a doubt, that Lisa Grosskopf is head and shoulders above all the other celebrants I have ever seen.

I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. It was such a beautiful send-off for our Mother because Lisa ‘made it happen’.

SHAUNA BOSTOCK (Historian, Brisbane)


"We can't thank Lisa enough for delivering an intimate service, making us all feel at ease. Not only was she kind but a true professional. I thank Lisa for her personal approach and going the extra mile to make the service a day we will cherish forever".

SARAH CLARKE (ABC Radio and television journalist, Sydney)


Dear Lisa,

I am writing on behalf of my family to express our sincere thanks to you for your wonderful assistance. From the very first meeting your approach was caring, thoughtful and well organised. It was a pleasure dealing with you. You were able to put our minds at ease and help ensure that nothing about the service was left to chance and that this most important of events, went smoothly. Your flexibility and calming nature was also appreciated. You were the one we were able to rely on to ensure proceedings on the day went smoothly. This is true commitment to your clients. It is testimony to your character and work ethic. So many people commented on what a joy you were and what an outstanding job you did.

Yours sincerely, Lisa Brown

LISA BROWN ( school teacher, Gold Coast )


“ Lisa gave us as much flexibility as we needed, guiding us with care and the utmost respect. Our input was always welcome and no change was too much or too late. My family truly thank Lisa for her direction."

BRAD BEVAN  ( Former world champion triathlete )